Exceeding Expectations



On your wedding day – one of the most important days of your life – you want to know that you are entrusting your wedding entertainment to a company and a DJ who knows what they are doing. Because Midwest Sound performs at more receptions than anyone, our entertainers perform at more receptions than anyone. Last year alone, more than 1900 brides and grooms trusted our DJs to perform at their wedding reception. Our experience is not just based on how many receptions we handle, but on the depth and quality of the personal experience our DJs bring to each event. We have developed a proven mentorship and knowledge-sharing program so that all of our DJs benefit from the wealth of experience that our team of DJs bring to our company.



Simply put, this is what a company does to ensure that your entertainer will be there on time and that the equipment will work. Needless to say, life happens. People get sick, family emergencies occur and equipment can malfunction. These things cannot be predicted, so you must be prepared for them. Midwest Sound staffs on-duty supervisors, on-duty technicians and on-call DJs. We are prepared for any potential pitfall. We have not missed a reception in our entire history, and we never will! Whether you are just starting to plan, or you are nearing the point of making final decisions, give us a call to learn more about how Midwest Sound can help you host the best wedding reception possible.



No one can read minds, yet this is what some entertainment companies, and DJs who only perform as a hobby, try to do. This may lead to unexpected or uncomfortable situations at your reception. At Midwest Sound, we don’t try to read your mind. We take the time to have a thoughtful conversation with you regarding your preferences for music, reception events and the level of interaction you want from your entertainer. You can have as much or as little control as you wish. We will answer all of your questions, and offer advice based on our 40 years of experience. In the end, Midwest Sound goes to great lengths to learn about your vision for your perfect evening. Then, we provide exceptional service that is customized to align with that vision.



It is also helpful to hire a DJ who knows your venue (if possible). The DJ’s familiarity with the layout, equipment and staff at your venue can go a long way toward making sure everything goes according to plan. We always make an effort to send an entertainer back to venues he or she has performed at before. To us, that approach just makes good sense. This has led to our DJs having extensive familiarity with many venues throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, and to Midwest Sound being the most referred entertainment company by catering and hall managers in the Twin Cities area. More importantly, clients have told us that it gives them peace-of-mind to know that they are working with entertainers who have performed in their venue before.