Answers To Common Questions


How do I reserve your services?

Call at 651-644-4111. Most clients place their deposit over the phone with a credit or debit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

How much is the deposit?

We require a $195 deposit. This comes off the total price of the event.

Is the deposit an additional charge?

No! It is your first payment towards your balance.

Are taxes included in my quote?

We do not charge a tax on your reservation. The quote you receive is the price you’ll pay for the reception.

Will I receive a contract?

Yes. We email a digital contract for you to review and digitally sign.

Is gratuity included in my price?

Gratuity is not automatically included. Most couples do choose to include a gratuity for their DJ.

What is average gratuity?

The standard in the service industry is 10 to 20% of your non-discounted rate.

Can I pay my balance in advance of my event?

Yes, you can pay through the client portal or call our office and make a payment over the phone.

When is the final payment due?

The day of your event is the last opportunity to pay your remaining balance. You can pay through the client portal or pay cash, check, or money order directly to the DJ.

When do you need my contract returned?

Within 5 days of receiving the digital contract email. We cannot perform without a signed agreement.



What kind of sound equipment will the DJ have?

Our DJ’s use JBL speakers, an American Audio mixing board and Numark NDX’s.

Is there any lighting included with my reservation?

We include full dancefloor lighting, specifically a mirror ball and 8 additional lights. Everything is sound reactive and controlled by the DJ.

Achieving quality audio is difficult at my venue, do you have experience with this?

Yes. There are adjustments that can be made to get the best sound quality.

Is your music digital?

Yes. We use all digital music.

Can you provide music in multiple locations based on my event needs?

Yes. Additional equipment may be required. Mention this upon reservation and we can make the necessary adjustments.

How much space does the DJ need for their equipment?

Ideally the DJ would have a 12 ft by 6ft area to setup.

My reception is outdoors, what special considerations need to be made?

Our equipment will need to be under the cover of a tent or outbuilding in the event of inclement weather and we require access to power. Our system can run off one dedicated outlet or extension cord, or a 2000+ watt generator.

I plan to have a large attendance for my event. Will your equipment be adequate?

Our main system is good for up to 500 guests. We can accommodate larger groups by providing additional equipment.



What is provided for dinner music?

We have several great compilations of light social music that we will provide. We ask that you tell us what style of music you like.

How do I communicate my event details and requests to the DJ?

We provide you with access to our online client portal where you fill out your event details. Then it is sent to our music department and ultimately the DJ.

When do I need to complete my planning forms?

Your planning forms should be completed no later than 5 weeks prior to your event. If you're still unable to decide on special songs you can always update us over the phone or via email in the weeks leading up to your event.

What’s the music planner and what do I do with it?

This is for making specific music requests for the dance portion of your event. There are 3 lists in the music planner: must plays, play if possible and do not play.

What if I want a song that is not on your provided music list?

We will happily purchase music for your event at no additional charge to you. Our only limitations are that we have to acquire music legally and we cannot provide music from YouTube only sources.

What if I'm having trouble picking my special event songs?

We have a full-time music director who is available to help with song selection. Just give us a call.

Can I have custom dinner music?

You can select from a variety of popular styles that we can provide. If you would like specific songs during this time we would ask that you provide it, this could be on USB, CD or using an mp3 player/device.

How many songs can be played during a four hour dance?

We can play between 50 and 60 songs.

How many requests should I make?

You can make as few or many as you’d like. Try to keep the list to 40 songs or fewer to ensure that all your requests are able to be played.

Do I have to request music for the entire event?

No. We can take care of all the music if you don’t have any specific requests.

We’d like to do a mash-up for one of our dances. Will you put that together for us?

We cannot create mash-ups because of licensing restrictions. If you make your own mash-up and provide it to us we can play it. Our DJ’s can live mix a few songs together, the night of the event, give us a call in advance of the event to make sure your idea is within our capability.

Is it ok if I don’t want certain music or events?

Of course, just let us know what you’d like to exclude by putting it in "the do not play" list



Will the DJ take guest requests the day of the reception?

Yes. Let us know, if you don’t want us to take requests.

When will my DJ contact me?

Your DJ will reach out to you the week of your reception by Wednesday at the latest to run through the plans for your event.

How are DJs selected for events?

Your DJ will be matched up with you based on the details that you provide us as a part of your music and event planner. Feel free to provide us with more information about your specific group and your desires for your ideal DJ so we can come up with the best match.

I saw one of your DJ’s and loved their style and energy, can I request them for my event?

Yes. We do our best to accommodate all DJ requests, but ultimately we cannot guarantee anyone’s availability.

What if the DJ I request isn’t available?

We will match you up with a DJ that has a similar style and energy. We will also consider your needs based on your planners to get the best fit.

What will my DJ wear to my event?

Our DJs will be dressed to impress. We require that they wear formal attire such as suits and ties.

What do we need to provide for the DJ at the event?

We ask that you provide a 6 to 8 foot skirted table and access to a standard outlet.

Are we required to feed the DJ?

You are not contractually obligated to feed your DJ though most couples recognize that the DJ will be working very hard for them the day of and choose to include them in their head count. If you don’t plan to feed your DJ let them know so other arrangements can be made.

Do I need to provide a hotel for my DJ?

No, For DJs that are traveling a long distance we include a mileage fee that covers all essential costs.

Will my DJ make announcements and introduce my important events?

Yes. We will announce all events and make announcements on behalf of the venue, and any other vendors, as needed.

Does the DJ take breaks?

Our DJs will not take a formal break but will find appropriate times throughout the evening to refill their water or use the restroom. There is always a continuous flow of music.

What if my DJ gets sick?

In the event of an emergency we have backup DJs to fill in.


Premium Services

What is included in your projector service?

We include a projector, 81 inch screen, and DVD player. We will also play any audio through our system.

We have projector service as a part of our package, how do we submit our slideshow?

Send us your slideshow on a DVD burned for a standard DVD player. Please do this several weeks before your event so we can check the show and make sure that it will be ready for your event.

We have added uplighting to our package, what colors are available?

We can do any color other than brown or black. We can also color match to your wedding colors.

I requested a monogram for my event how do I communicate my design to you?

Reach out at least 30 days before the event and speak to our graphic artist who will take notes on your ideas and email you a proof of your monogram.



What is included in your ceremony service package?

We will provide a half hour of seating music, your custom selected music for the actual ceremony as well as a corded microphone and stand for the officiant. Your DJ will be there to oversee the entire ceremony.

My ceremony is in a separate area than the rest of my event, is that ok?

We provide a second system so we can accommodate ceremonies in a variety of locations, including outdoors.

What kind of considerations need to be made for an outdoor ceremony?

We need access to a power source and a smaller table depending on location.

My ceremony is outdoors do I need to provide shelter for the DJ?

As long as ONLY the ceremony is outside no cover is required. We do have canopies available for rent if the entire event is outdoors.

We have a wireless microphone in our package will that be used for our ceremony as well?

We do not encourage use of wireless microphones for ceremony especially outdoors because there is a risk that they will pick up different signals such as radio or other white noise.